” Do Not Fear To Change Profession ” ( English Edition )

At one time , You bore with your now profession . More than anything else if you had elaborated the work for several stripper. This feeling diffraction generates unfavourable impact for our self only, job ,activity thus non maximum , and you frequently hits admonishing by Boss…!

Saturate taste that with unpleasant situation in office also diffraction makes you more and more non balmy worked. After situation culminates possible of you are mind to run away. Its the problem ( you still hesitating to change job activity ).

Fears to change , worries do not deflect gets workplace and pleasing salary. You Also fear of failure or foot fault.

1. Fear 1. I Do not have Enough Experience .

First thing of which you must do is soon information searching more about new job(activity area which you wishs) . Applies relationship or your friends working in the area to dredge all kinds of descriptions which you wish job disk , expertise required and challenge that is possibly is faced. Based on the description, prepares initial step and strategy which you must do.

That more and more stable isotope, you also diffraction follows kuliah, training , or brief courses relating to the profession. Double Bonus , besides poison , jam can earn new science , you also will get certificate which able to be used apply for job(activity at new profession is being set eye on). Draws up also bounces you. To get what wanted , you also need much time extra and to be pation too, doesn’t quickly complains and too lazy to matured initial preparation.

2. Fear 2. I Cannot Earn Equal To Salary Now.

Money business is very sensitive . But your common sense doesn’t blocked. Be sure only , that thing do not forever as ugly as which you thinks before . If You had ability , high potency, and prunes creativity, salary can bounce up like the one is expected.

Besides to face overcast days of special strategy. Casts aside saving to contribute your economic when for the time being new profession cannot promise prosperity.

If will more safe , you are unnecessary possible directly lambastes new profession move steer. Experiences just of your work now, then looked for experience in the new area by doing eunuch job when red letter day or outside hour(clock slow of you also has enough expertise capital to change over to new profession ) . So when you has ready to choose new area as main profession , you can show the portfolio. Company also will consider your sallary.

3. Fear 3. Too Old To Move Profession,

Actually no word comes late to start new like area move profession , of course some companies specifies certain age standard on course or [position/occupation] beginner if you looked for its(the selenium, the non impossible desire can be got ) .

Way which able to assist is look for network is relating to new your profession .Form them you can get info even recommendation of wanted job(activity area to be able to ). Possibly initial position for new profession do not too your gratifies but at least you can learn many.

Of Course You also must supply knowledge bases and skill at new profession of you. Other way of which you able to do is if when in your company now other related devisi of profession which you wishs, just consult at superior to be removed at the part. With logical reason , very enables your superior will realize your desire . Like Tia , 26 years . Formerly I am secretary one media companies. Sees work of editor children which seen fun and very dynamic. I thus interests editorial part admission . After I discuss with superior , I also experiences job test and gets the position one month then.” Sharpness. In This Way You are hard unnecessary to send CV at new company.

4. Fear 4. Needed Stripper Time To Plunge to Profesi Baru.

For all maximum and best result, no something else that is must be done except doing matured preparation and planning. In Front Of You, there is many processes which must be passed. Writes all to does this list detailedly. Starts from analysing new area which you wishs , until ability test and serious at its profession and than , you also needs input and adds science to enrich readiness of you . In process of the, you can many getting science, experience , also expertise required at new area of you . While you feel be able ,don’t have ever there are fear word to try best for your dream career.

Cosmopolitan Majalah, ( April 2005 ) ; Jakarta


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