” Interview with Blogger Monang Damanik “

Here is interview from The Pakistani Spectator  whic i can give to all of u as information . T do thanks  to The Pakistani Spectator that they give me a chance once to recognize to the world.

I explain about me my self  that my really name is Alexander Monang Damanik that is why i use my initial site alexemdi = alexander , ( em = m ) monang, (di =d ) damanik.

These are the interview…

Would you please tell us something about you and your site?

My site talk about  education, experince, something to need in our live.

Do you feel that you continue to grow in your writing the longer you write? Why is that important to you?

As long as , i can…i’ve to continou…i don’t care..how tomorrow… By site we can share each other..

I’m wondering what some of your memorable experiences are with blogging?

Don’t care about that…as long as  i interest to write anything, i put there..even sometime i ake     from the other site  ..but remember usually i put that site in my site.

Look here…


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